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Create your own NFT exhibitions, or join the JPG community in co-curating NFT lists called Canons.

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NFTs whose primary artistic content is derived from other NFTs.

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NFTs that exhibit crypto-social characteristics beyond that which is inherent to a networked asset. The work must codify specific relational protocols and effects, either on-chain directly built into the NFT, or off-chain in such a way as to result in an on-chain impact.

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NFTs in which the idea or concept takes precedence over traditional aesthetic, technical, or material concerns. Insofar as those traditional concerns play a role, it is one of intentionality and self-aware reference to the idea put forth.

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NFTs or NFT collections that create a continuously evolving experience by updating their appearance, their metadata, or the blockchain state. This evolution can be Programmatic, reflecting algorithmic input, or Interactive, reflecting user input.

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